Do come if...

You want to meet God.
Jesus intrigues you.
You think the world isn't quite right but feel it could be.
You seek grace, forgiveness, wholeness.
You've been hurt by 'the church'.
You're not sure.
You want to find out.
You long for justice, kindness, grace and forgiveness.
You believe that wholeness is found, not by being told how wrong you are, but by working out with God and his people what it means to know and follow Jesus.

If this is you, then this may be the fellowship for you.
Come along one Sunday or get in touch and we can taIk.

If you do want to come and join us on our journey, we would like to apologise in advance. We are not a perfect church, we will make mistakes, we sometimes hurt one another, but we are trying to serve God and we are seeking to live lives of grace, generosity and acceptance.
We'd like you to work with us on this.


It's not all about us!

CWBC is one of several Christian churches in the Chelmsley Wood area. If our way of doing things doesn't suit you don't give up the journey!

As churches we may not agree on everything but we do agree on most of the important stuff.
If you are looking for a local fellowship of a different tradition or emphasis you may find a home at one of these:

St Andrew's

Church of England/Methodist

St Anne's

Roman Catholic


Free Methodist Church of GB


Don't Come if....

You're going to tell us we're all wrong/heretics/not got the Spirit/that we 'should' be doing something/etc.
(We are aware of some of our failings as disciples of Jesus)
If you're on a crusade to 'sort God's Church out'. (We'd rather let God do that, thanks)
You're sure.
You know you're right.
You can give it, but can't take it.
You think God is angry with everyone for being such miserable sinners.
You find yourself getting cross about theology/gay people/Catholics/sex/the telly/films/songs/the world in general.
You have a list of what Christians shouldn't be doing (see above).
You think God should be doing more smiting these days.
You like the Old Testament, not for it's magnificent story of salvation, where the people fall away and start the long journey back to God, through trial and failure, yet in the midst of it all discover a God who loves and waits for them, but you like the Old Testament because it's full of laws that can be used to make people feel bad.
You think the Good News is predominantly about judgement.
You have a great urge to tell people about hell.

If this is you, we genuinely believe you would be happier in a different fellowship. In fact we believe God is calling you to a different fellowship.
Please don't ring us up and tell us, just go and join them and God bless you.