What are we like?

The majority of our church family are from Chelmsley Wood and possibly not the kind of people you meet in your average church.

This has the advantage that we don't carry a lot of traditional baggage, although of course we have baggage of our own!

Our aim is to be a local church, growing out from the people here and growing in ways that are natural for us. We don't always sit comfortably in the mainstream church, but we are part of God's church.


Let's face it, churches are very different and, while we're facing it, we'll be blunt as well, we don't all agree on everything. In order to avoid those awkward you-telling-us-how-terrible-we-are kind of moments and to help you decide if CWBC is possibly for you, let us help!
Take a look at our plain and simple

"Don't or Don't" helpsheet.

Disclaimer: As faith is a natural product, theologies may vary within this church.

Do come?

Don't come?



We have a minister (Rev Neil Roberts) and leaders (we call them deacons) who are elected by the Church Meeting.

We are trying to get a picture of them all.

We produce a regular newsletter (once a year is regular!), and you can download it here.