The Spiritual Journey

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Sunday mornings

Our main get together is 11.00 - 12.00ish on a Sunday morning. We follow a fourfold pattern over the month using different approaches and styles.

At the moment we are livestreaming Sunday Mornings on our facebook page,

click on the logo below to visit our page! We also stream prayers midday each weekday.


Thursday Communion

Every Thursday we've been meeting online to share bread and wine. We put the words we use here, feel free to download and share them. Bring our own bread and wine (or your equivalent) and join us from 7.00!


Click on the icons below to download each of our Daily Prayers


Click on the icons below to download each of our Daily Prayers



The first Sunday is when we gather as an extended family. The music tends to be contemporary and more informal than usual. The emphasis is on the church family, all ages gathering together before God. There is usually opportunity for discussion, quiet prayer or some kind of craft activity, take your pick. With coffee and papers on the go as well!



This week focusses on prayer and our walk with God. Because prayer is important we often spend a significant amount of time on it during this service. The prayers are for our own sitution and the world around us and we often use Divine Reading (Lectio Divina) or similar approaches. These Sundays tend to follow a more traditional pattern in terms of style and music.



The third Sunday draws on traditional and celtic spirituality. We use written prayers and words as we worship, as well as more contemplative songs. These mornings emphasise a reverent reflection, giving us time to pray and listen for voice as we words, ancient and modern, carry us. We also share bread and wine (communion) on these Sundays.



Growing Sundays are about growing in our faith and knowledge. Whilst the order of the morning is fairly (Baptist) traditional, the main talk often has space to reflect and respond. These weeks particularly encourage us to examine and challenge our faith to explore how we can grow as disciples.


You will be noticed.

You can have a part to play in church life.

You can have a voice as we explore faith, worship and following Jesus together.

We believe in a practical faith where we prefer to work things out by doing rather than just talking (although we do discuss things!).

We are accepting of different viewpoints and understandings. We have a wide range of theological perspectives in the church, from conservative to liberal viewpoints. The only thing we can't tolerate is intolerance.

What to expect:


What else?

Faith is not just about Sundays! During the month we have other times to meet and grow together. Before Lockdown we met regularly In Real Life and we hope to do so again!

Things have gone quiet as we rest and grow after Easter. We are planning a few events over the summer including being part of Chelmund's Day and a trip out somewhere on pilgrimage.

As usual we have groups meeting over the month to pray, discuss, study, worship or just hang out.


Check our Facebook page for up to date info.

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What we believe.

We don't really like lists of what we believe. This isn't because we don't really believe anything, it's because we follow a surprising God who challenges what we think and calls us to grow and develop in our faith and thinking. We also don't want an enforced conformity here. We are a family, and that will bring colour and diversity into our life together.

The best way to find out what we believe is to come and meet us and see what we do because, like everyone else, our actions show what we really believe.

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