Faith & Life


Chelmsley Wood

and north Solihull

Chelmsley Wood is an estate in north Solihull, on the edge of the Birmingham conurbation. It's classed as an area of social deprivation but these challenges we face are not the whole truth. We believe Chelmsley is a good place to live with great opportunities and a place that is held in God's hands. Here's a few of the things we are involved with in community life and some events that are coming up...


Three Trees is the home of CWBC. Formerly known as The Baptist Church it is now an independent community centre following a major refurbishment. The Centre is a focal point for community activities, hosting groups throughout the week as well as an independent coffee shop, The Olive Branch kitchen. It's not just CWBC who have their home their, you will also find Northern Star Community Arts, Entraide and Urban Heard, all doing good stuff in and around the area.


Chelmund's Fish & Chips

We are proud to be partners in Chelmund's Fish and Chips, the UK's first community owned chippy! Set up in early 2018 by a consortium of four local groups, not only does it serve great fish and chips, it also puts all the profits back into the community. It's even been on the telly!


and more!

The church is not an ornament. We are called to work and build the Kingdom of God. It is a mission to get involved in our community and world to bring God's practical message of faith, hope and love. We are involved both as a church and as individuals in groups, charities and local issues. If something is good, right and preferably fun we'll get involved where we can. So you'll see us at events like the annual Chelmund's Day, supporting groups and working with other people where we can.


There is normally something going on, or about to go on! We try and keep this page up to date with events being planned. Take a look at Neil's twitter feed to see the latest news (or his opinion!)


We hope to restart Soul Clinics later this year. Click for more info.